We can offer both commercial products to GDO and Ho.Re.Ca channels. like delicatessens. Also focused on gourmet and BIO products, always more sought after by distributors attentive to consumer demands, we always look for typical products with great cost-effectiveness, which can bring more satisfactory sales results by the element novelty and diversity.

Product quality is a real obsession for us, so much so that we are also attentive to the conservation control of the warehouse until the time of loading to ensure greater relaxation for customers.


Cocount water, fruit juices and pulps, fruits, açaí, jams, honey, sugar, dulce de leche, tapioca, cheescake or cheese roll (a Brazilian typical bread), pal hearts, cachaça (a Brazilian typical alchool drink), extra virgin olive oil, walnuts and nuts, wines, sparkling wines, coffees, and a lot of more.


Tomatoes: skinned tomatoes, passata, ready-to-eat pulp, arborio rice, carnaroli and others, pasta, cous-cous, tortellini, gnocchi, farro, olio di oliva extra virgin, tastes: balsamic, wine or fruit, ready-made sauces, patés, maraschino cherries, preserves like artichokes, funghi, asparagus, cheese and hams, jams, honey, chocolates, cookies, panettones, wines, sparkling wines and more.